Use strategic planning to renew your organization

Are you are top manager? Are you a board member?
Strategic planning is part of your job. Make sure your organization has a future.  A sound strategic plan helps you to win that future.

By attending to what matters most.

A real strategic planning process has five steps

Select a strategic planning team. Include the right people in the planning process. This ensures support for planning. It helps to carry out the plan.

Purpose and target - every organization should aim to benefit one group of people. A single target figure should be set to reflect what it is trying to do for them. This guides setting objectives for the organization.

Analyze the outfit in context. Find the gap between where you are and where you want to go. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. Study the trends in the environment of the organization. This work is the SWOT analysis. Now you can generate options.

Decide strategies. Explore the options.

  • First, look for strategies that should address all the important factors.
  • Second, the strategies should not use all your resources. Face the uncertainty. Keep something in reserve. Adjust the plan when you need to.

Alternative strategies can improve the adaptability of the organization in two ways.

  • First, by examining alternatives, you can find something better than the current approach.
  • Second, the organization will face outside changes. You have looked alternatives. You are more able to deal with surprises.

Different types of body will choose different strategies.

Execute the plan. Bright ideas emerge from brainstorming strategic options. You may think you have finished the planning. Not so. Do not fall in love with them yet.
Test the strategic options. Do they break any constraints? How do they rate against the SWOTs? Do they cover the handful of major strategic issues?
Now you are ready to deliver the strategies through your strategic management process.

  • Get approval from the governing body.
  • Convert the strategic intentions into specific projects for individual managers.
  • Prepare budgets and divide resources.
  • Put the strategic plans in place.

Sound simple? It is simple. It is not easy.  Even the most experienced people do not do many whole-of-organization strategic plans.
A good strategic planning process can be better with the right help.
You may need help with some or all the planning steps.
The information here can help you. Links throughout the site will also lead you to expert help.

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