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I would like to tell you a little about Simply Strategic Planning: the website, and the services it offers.

Simply Strategic Planning (SSP) is one of the services of the Executive Consultancy Service.

The Executive Consultancy Service (ECS) is a management consulting practice. ECS specializes on strategic planning services and products.

In recent years, the service is mainly online. For more about how ECS moved to online activity go to e-business in the menu to the left.

The owner and director of ECS is Tom Yardley

The work of ECS in strategic planning has been influenced by some specific sources. 

About simply strategic planning influences

A major influence is the work of John Argenti. He is the developer the Argenti Process of Strategic Planning.

All forms of organization can use this process of strategic planning.
It differs in a number of ways from other planning processes -

  • Great simplicity and clarity -
    Almost by definition, strategic problems are simple, not complex. Strategic decisions are difficult for other reasons entirely - chiefly because they refer to trends and events that may lie far into the future and are therefore fraught with uncertainty rather than complexity.
  • Big issue focus -
    Only those matters that will have a massive effect on the long-term performance of the organization are considered. These Argenti calls ‘Strategic Elephants’ and, by definition, are likely to be large and very visible.

This view of 'strategy' also places consideration of these elephant sized issues before all those Mission and Vision Statements.

Most planning systems start with some statement of corporate objectives, often in the form of Mission and Vision and Values Statements!

In the Argenti process, however, mission and vision are outputs, not inputs.

Argenti further insists that only a top-level Planning Team, actively led by a CEO, can effectively prepare a strategic plan; no one else has the power for decisions of this corporate level significance.

The starting point of the Argenti Process is a very precise definition of corporate purpose.

Then the planning team sets two top targets for corporate performance and makes double forecasts.

This leads to a simple but essential Gap Analysis - these are all missing in other processes which, I believe, renders them almost useless.

Argenti accepts only evidence-based SWOTs that are developed in a specially designed workshop attended by three levels of management, and so on.

The list of practical, experience-based, techniques continues right to the end of the Process, by setting up a feedback 'Monitoring Loop'.

For more about Simply Strategic Planning and this website see our policies on privacy, and a disclaimer about the nature of the services offered.

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