The Argenti System of Strategic Planning

The Argenti System of strategic planning is a process for making big decisions.

Argenti strategic planning is a powerful means of improving the performance of organizations.

Organizational performance is about creating value for the beneficiaries of the organization. Corporate level strategic planning gets your team aiming this.

The Argenti Process is a logical system. It yields plans that improve long-term performance. These plans establish clearer management accountability. They guide better management of risk.

The planning process can lift morale. It engages the enthusiasm of the people. They can commit to cooperation in executing the corporate strategies.

Every organization has to make important decisions

These are decisions that affect the organization for a long time. Such decisions are not about small adjustments to activities. They lead to major changes in the organization.

Sometimes the outside world forces such decisions on the organization. Such issues include -

  • globalization
  • market shifts
  • government policy priorities
  • innovations
  • social change

Sometimes the big issues are inside the organization. This could be things like -

  • weaker finances
  • senior management changes

Organizations have always had
to make huge decisions

In recent times, the pressure has risen. This calls for a more systematic process for dealing with such decisions. Such a process also needs to address the risks involved with such big decisions.

The Argenti System addresses the critical issues

It helps you finding and prioritizing the most challenging issues facing the organization. Argenti calls these big strategic issues ‘strategic elephants’. Argenti planning methods help managers make these huge decisions.

The depth of experience embodied in the Argenti approach to strategic planning enables a leap in understanding the real value drivers of success for your organization.

The Argenti system also helps the governing body to align policy and strategic plans. This improves confidence in achieving the desired performance results.

Argenti strategic planning process elements include -

  • A precise way to define strategic planning
  • Clarity about the purpose of strategic planning
  • CEO process leadership and strategic plan management
  • Planning meeting facilitation
  • Logical steps in strategic planning process
  • An alternative to mission and vision statements
  • Strategic gap analysis
  • Assessing Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats in a Strategic SWOT
  • Deciding and evaluating corporate strategy
  • Assessing strategic risks
  • Preparing the business plan and other actions
  • Effective strategy implementation

The system bears the name of its developer John Argenti.

You will find more information about the approach here.

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