Earn money online

Building a website to earn money online is turning out to be a great experience!

Or should I say putting my business online is proving to be one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Due to health issues and family circumstances I had to retire from my full time position earlier than expected.

Knocking off work to carry bricks

A few weeks into my ‘retirement,’ a former colleague contacted me to ask for my help in strategic planning for a major IT infrastructure project. The project looked like a fascinating challenge and the extra money would be welcome. Very soon I found myself ‘in business.


My goal for starting a website in the first place, was very limited. Initially I wasn’t thinking about how to earn money online.

Originally I saw having a website as simply like having a business card on the Internet.

As time went by I found myself increasingly using the Internet for research to help in various consulting assignments and management development and training work across a variety of industries.

I enjoyed ‘being my own boss as an independent management consultant specializing in strategic planning. I also appreciated the relative freedom to choose assignments and to work whenever, however and wherever I chose.

However, the circumstances that had made it difficult to carry on in full time employment in a senior management role re emerged, and put constraints on developing the business. I was faced with a strategic planning issue or elephant sized problem.

Physician heal thyself

I had to take my own advice, go back to the drawing board and come up with a new business strategy.

To free up time to provide more care in the family situation I had to find a way of using my knowledge and expertise to create and build something that would generate passive income.

I needed the income to keep coming in even when I was prevented from taking on project work.

I explored how to earn money online by taking the existing knowledge I had and publishing it online. I also after much learning of new skills, found myself helping others to do the same. This turned out to be the answer for me in my situation.

Going online may well be an answer for other people, like you.

How can YOU earn money online?

For the first few years I decided to provide the content at no cost to site visitors. It was just part of having an online presence. As time has gone by, and I have been less able to take on project work away from home I turned to ways to earn money online.

There are many possible ways to do this, such as:

  • Sponsored advertising.
  • Selling hard goods or e-goods from your site
  • Earning commission as an affiliate on products or services you recommend
  • Promoting your off-line business
  • Getting paid for lead generation, etc.

These real world case studies can show you the possibilities.

You don’t have to be in business to want to earn money online

Even if your interest in how to earn money online is not about you, and it is about some nonprofit organization you are involved with, you may be able to use ways to earn money online in the form of donations or sponsorships to provide a more sustainable funding base for your cause.


While you are sleeping

Learning how to earn money online can be simpler than you might imagine.


All sorts of people try to earn money online through blogging, or putting up ‘free’ or very low cost websites, and then selling advertising space on their site. For most people trying to keep up with blogging about current happenings can become a chore and the income can fluctuate and even drop away completely if they cannot keep up the pace of producing new material on a frequent basis.

By contrast if you have the tools to help you understand what people are continuing to look for on the Internet, and can match this to your strongest interests and areas of expertise you can create useful stuff that will have a longer life. Once created and published it will earn money online day after day, week after week, and maybe year after year.

Your website can keep on brining in the money while you are sleeping!

You only need to write valuable content once. That one effort can keep on drawing in revenue day after day, week after week, month after month,…you get the idea!

What a contrast with regular employment where you get paid once for something you produce or once for the time you put in on the job.

Can you earn money online like this?


It is simple to make money on line!

It is hard to make money on line!

I have to be as honest as possible with you. You can earn money on line, and maybe even a lot of money.

But…You knew there had to be a ‘but’!

You can make money online if, and only if, you are prepared to really work hard.

You knew that already, didn’t you?

Building a successful business in the offline world is hard work, and very demanding of one’s best abilities and commitment. The same is true of have a business to help you earn money online.

The good news


You do not need a pile of money to start to make money online.

The less good news is that you will have to work hard and long to become an overnight success. You will need to use your brains and harness your motivation to keep going through the dark and rough patches. And there will be rough patches. There will be times when you feel overwhelmed, and feel like giving up all together.

I certainly have had many days when I felt lost in the process of site building, and because I did not see early results for my efforts.

Too honest for you? I did tell you I had to be honest with you! You can earn money on the web, but I do not believe you can do it quickly or without a great deal of effort.

I did stick with it, and I did see results for my efforts, and now I am seeing rewards for my efforts. I am now able to earn money online.

How come?

I relied on the process, and believed that many people who were further along the path when they told me how it had been for them.

So I just kept on adding content to the site. Content that I knew could be helpful to people seeking information on the Internet. Then traffic started to build. Even when I went through patched when I could not get much done on the site the traffic kept rising.

The day I first saw some earnings come into my advertizing account was a thrill. It may sound silly, but the first day I was delighted even though only 73 cents arrived. But then days later it was growing bigger. As I add pages, traffic grows, and income grows.

No I am not going to show you pictures of my bank statements to prove how successful I am. Each person situation is different. Each person’s idea of success is different. The last thing I want to do is give you some false idea of how easy it is to make a pile of money. Neither do I want you to get the idea that it is all too hard for you to earn money on line, even though I am in danger of already having turned you off the whole idea.

Can You do this?


Maybe; it all depends.

You do not need any high level technical skills. I learned all I needed to be able to build a website by using a completely integrated system that had all the tools I needed.

Remember how I told you about feeling overwhelmed and felt like giving up?

Well some people do not persist through those challenging times. So in answer to the question can you do it? I say only you will be able to answer that.

The reality is, there is no ethical and legal way to earn money online that is also easy. If there were, there would be a lot more millionaires out there!

However, if you can stick with it you will do more that earn money online, you will enjoy some changes in your life, in addition to the tremendous satisfaction of creating a business completely from scratch, You will meet some terrific people who will help you over the obstacles you inevitably encounter.

Enough of the warnings already!

If you have lasted though to this point, maybe, just maybe you have the persistence needed to build a website and earn money online.

So I need to tell you the ‘secret’ of how to go about this process.

Simple! Get yourself the only all-in-1 step-by-step system of process-and-software that delivers thriving businesses.

Get yourself Solo Build It!

No other purchase is necessary. Everything you need is included...

SBI!'s business-building combination of process, tools, updating and guidance is unique in the online world.

To get all these tools, and guidance, and have it kept up to date would usually cost you many thousands of dollars if you could get it elsewhere.

Your total layout per year will be $299 - or you could make use of their monthly subscription offer to break it up into a more manageable expense.

SBI! continuously bring out new and better additions to their product. Many other forms would se this to up the price year by year. Not Sitesell, makers of SBI!

Their price for SBI! has not increased since I started with them in 2004.

They take care of everything. I don’t have to try and keep up with the online business world. They do it for me. They filter out all the, let’s say rubbish, and pass on only the real deal!

Why I think it would worth your time to look into SBI!

There is NO RISK.

Ask for your money back anytime... SiteSell.com will refund you 100% within the first 90 days of purchase of your annual subscription, and on a pro-rata basis after that. There really is no risk. They have such a depth of experience, and provide such a great set of tools, supports and services, that I think you should give it a try.

Most people who own and use SBI! , or SBIers as they are known in the SBI community, say their biggest regret is that they wish they had started earlier. They were introduced to SBI! and then procrastinated for many months, before making the commitment to purchase SBI.

Want to know more about the best tools to help you earn money on line?

Check out one or more of these links:

  • A good place to start is to visit the SBI! Website - Click Here
  • And to see the concerns that other people voiced about SBI! - Click Here
  • Or you may want to speak to a real person at SBI! who can answer your questions right away - Click Here

When you look at the SBI! pages, check out the number of Facebook "Likes" they have.

So many people!

That is a lot of votes of confidence.

If you're interested in building a website, I really hope you'll check out some of the links above.


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