Tom Yardley

Tom Yardley is the author of this website.

He is also directs the Executive Consultancy Service (ECS).

ECS is a management consulting practice. Tom established ECS in 2003.

It specializes in strategic planning.


Tom is associated with Argenti Systems Limited UK, developers and providers of The Argenti System of Strategic Planning.

Tom Yardley - Experience consulting to
top executives

He has over fifty years of experience working in various fields. Tom has hard-won knowledge of the way organizations create and lose value for their intended beneficiaries.

Example projects include -

  • Strategic planning in various sectors including -
    - financial services
    - food
    - clothing
    - resources
    - construction
    - e-business
    - telecommunications
    - health
    - education
  • Information and communications technology (ICT) strategic planning and financing -
    - RMIT IT Strategy
    - Victorian Education and Research Network (VERNet)
  • Collaborated with of HLB Mann Judd on management development program in managing contractors and consultants
  • Identified savings of $2 million, while revenue from vulnerable Asian markets continued to rise above $60 million, in international marketing and client services firm
  • Reviewed and restructured many groups, including multimedia group that had commercially failed, turning around printing, and video production/multimedia businesses, under new contract management arrangements
  • Reviewed business development proposals/ business cases, and cost structures for organizations, including mergers, restructures, and establishment of research centres
  • Currently helping small firms with aspect of marketing, including web marketing, and other aspects of e-business.

Executive experience

1986-2003 RMIT University -

  • Head - School of Business Information Technology
  • Director IT - Corporate IT group
  • Chief Planning Officer
  • Business and legal services unit
  • Finance
  • Media production
  • Management and staff development.

Educator and Educational Administrator

At Chifley Business School Tom taught a short course in Managing Consultants and Contractors.

At RMIT, Tom taught Strategic and Business Planning, Project Management, Commercialization for Non Profit Organisations, Leadership, and Performance Management.

Before the nearly twenty years at RMIT Tom worked in schools as-

  • Vice-Principal, Director of Studies, Librarian, Building Project Manager
  • Teacher, mathematics, science, technology, design, publishing
  • Lecturer in Applied Physics, RMIT


Tom worked as an electrical engineer, with the Australian government construction authority -

  • Electrical engineering cost estimating, design, contract preparation and project management
  • Field testing, fire and safety investigation
  • Executive officer for national conference of electrical engineers.

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